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Our GPS-driven interactive analysis platform turns data into useful answers. Simply click on the geography for which you want information. Don’t make guesses. Make informed decisions based on lot quality, new home, and resale information.

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Service areas are grouped by state, county, county group, city, builder, or customer-drawn sub-market based on client need.

Purchasing Real Estate Analytics

Real Estate Data – What You What, When You Need It

We do all we can to make your work easy – you can buy analytics one query at a time, quarterly, or annually.

Customize results with our proprietary, interactive, analysis platform, so you get the data you want, in the sort order you need.

Pricing is based on the population of the area covered by your request, the number of documents needing to be researched, and the complexity of the question to be answered.

If you have pre-defined requirements, most material can be delivered overnight – Dropbox, Fed Ex, or email. Or, let our experts help define how we can best meet your needs.

New SFD Home Price Distribution

What Does Accurate Residential Housing Data Look Like?

Our easy to use software gives you the key to the answers you need! Take a look at our intuitive platform.

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