Our experience and insight combine to translate data into powerful intelligence analytics on critical factors in each housing market.

Base your million-dollar decisions on accurate building lot and housing information you can use confidently.


Our Methodology

In each of the counties in which we collect data, starting with a specified date, we look at:

  • Every recorded plat
  • Every residential new construction building permit issued – condominium, town home, and single family detached
  • Every deed recorded – residential building lot, new home, resale home, and tract in excess of 10 acres

We key, edit, verify, and compile that data before we load it into our permanent files. At this point, we are ready to start our analyzing data.

Methodology in Market Research - Market Opportunity Research Enterprise - Southeastern US

What Does Accurate Residential Housing Data Look Like?

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  • We are your ONLY source for detailed, accurate, current BUILDER ABSORPTION analyses
  • We are your ONLY source for analysis of ALL recorded transactions (listed, unlisted, FSBO, and more)
  • We are your only source for data on residential lot transactions.
  • Verifiable accuracy
  • Same day/overnight delivery – Dropbox, Fed Ex, or email.
  • 82 combined years of experience and sophistication in analytic capability

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